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Kodi Openload Error Fix Revisited – pair

This is Vikram MTL free TV, you have it, there is the open load pairing issue, so this is an issue that’s been plaguing in the coding world for the past few months. I did a video on it showing you all a matter of ad revenue, they want you to go to the website, click around, make a little bit of money.

If you want to see that video, it’s up on the screen, you can go and check it out, but what I want to do is to revisit it and maybe go over another solution, because some people saw the video and they weren’t satisfied with the solution that I was presenting.

So I represent a different solution, another solution a way to beat this pairing issue, you follow the other video, you’re going to the paring, you’re doing the pairing through the website, it’s not working for you, you’re tired of having these open little pop-ups come up on the screen.

What I’m going to show you is that I’m going to show you how to remove it altogether, so you’re not even going to receive any more requests from open load, keep in mind by removing open load, if you fall into a situation where open load is the only option.

Then unfortunately, you’re going to be out of luck, certain places within Phoenix, if you looked at the other video where you watch the other video, you’ll see that there’s only open load as a solution, so you might lose some functionality in certain applications.

But it’s up to you to decide whether it’s annoying, it’s bothering you, then you can remove it all together or you can do the pairing, those are the only two solutions for this, it’s either you go along with it or you say screw it and then you jump off or you let it go and leave it at that.

So what I’m going to do is that I’m going to show you, so it’s simple, you can learn how to do it and anybody can do this, it’s simple system, we’re going to go into add-ons add-ons, we’re going to go to dependencies, we’re going to scroll down the list.

So you’re going to scroll down, you’re going to go to URL resolver from the URL resolver, then you’re going to go into configure, you’re going to scroll over to number three, so resolvers number three and then that one should be your open load.

So with your open load, what you’re going to do is that you’re going to disable it, obviously, it’s going to be enabled, you’re going to be like this, it’s going to stable it and then you’re going to automatically update the resolver, you might want to keep that activated, so if it is ever down the line, it does change, then you might want to do the updates.

In worst case, you might not want to turn it off, I suggest that you should keep it on and then maybe try every time, once in a while, that may enable it and then disable it to see if things are going, also the video dot me, if you scroll down, where is it? Maybe we’re going to scroll down, it’s not in this one, it would probably be in resolvers 4, so it is the vid.

Here’s another video, this is another one which I’ve done a video on and it is also causing forcing people to go over to the website, but either way, we’re going to sub which one it is, if ever anyone’s here, if there’s a new website, that will decide what we want to force people to come over.

It’s a matter of you coming into the euro resolver URL resolver and removing it, you remove it and then it’s gone and then it won’t even be an option anymore, but keep in mind, you can’t have it both ways, if it’s removed, it’s not going to be an option presented to you.

If it’s the only option that’s available, then you’re out of options, you’re out of luck, you have to look somewhere else or either activated parent, you have your options there, so these are two options for you.

You can remove it altogether, it won’t be an option or you can go to the website and pair and then that way you’ll have access to it, personally I suggest going to the website and pairing it generally the links in open load, let me down sometimes, it’s hit or miss, there’s nothing, that’s 100% guaranteed, but I feel the open load links are generally good.

If you don’t feel that’s right, then definitely I mention something in the comments, it’s always appreciated that you leave comments, I always try my best to see the comments and try to create a video based on it, but there you have it, thank you, take care, check out all my apps in one place and who can forget the MFT installer MFT installer com, all the greatest apps all in one place, thank you very much and take care, scroll down.

Something you can see here is your open load, with your open load, what you’re going to do is that you’re going to disable it, obviously, it’s going to be enabled, you’re going to be like this, it’s going to stable it and then you’re going to automatically update the resolver, you might want to keep that activated, so that if it is ever down the line, it does change, then you might want to do the updates.

In worst case, you might want to turn it off, I suggest keeping it on and then try every one of them, once in a while, enable it and then disable it to see if things are going, if you scroll down, where is it? We’re going to open load as a solution, so you might lose some functionality in certain applications, but it’s up to you whether if it’s annoying, it’s bothering you, then you can remove it all together or you can do the pairing.

Those are the two solutions for this, it’s either you go along with it or you say screw it and then you jump off or you let it go and leave it at that, so what I’m going to do is that I’m going to show you, so it’s simple to do it and anybody can do this, it’s simple system, we’re going to go into add-ons, we’re going to go to system.

Maybe I am going to go over another solution, because some people weren’t satisfied with the solution that I was presenting, so I might present a different solution, another way to beat this pairing issue.