Kodi TheVideo.Me Error/Fix

This is instrumental free TV. I did a video last week on the Kodi open load error, basically forcing you to go over to the open load website to pair, and then it gives you four hours of access to catch on, because now the video Emmy is doing the same stream authorization, so I just want to take a few seconds.

They don’t want to make this a long video, because it’s really straightforward, it tells you what to do on the screen They want you to go to the website directly, and I will show you whether the website is well added on the screen right there on the video. Emmy slash pair, I just want to show you what to do in this case, because when it happens, it may actually take quite a few ways to get around this issue.

So here’s the website, I’m going to put it up and nicely zoom it in, it’s the video. Emmy slash pair. Obviously when you come to the site, you’re going to pair your device, so you’re going to click on it, to prove that you’re not a robot, may be a CAPTCHA.

What you have to do is that you’re going to click on to activate stream and set it up and then you’re good to go. But they just want you to come to the website, they’re offering you a premium account. So if you pay for the account, whatever the price is, it enables you to bypass or to skip past the weight of having to come here and constantly pairing it every four hours.

Luckily, there are certain applications that if you wait out the bar like Exodus. For example, we’re within my Exodus, I’m going to click on the video, it’s going to give me the video any slash pairs, what I can do is that I can simply wait it out.

It’s going to count down and then eventually the movie is just going to start there, so give it a few seconds, and it’s already starting to work, and their movie starts up. I’m just gonna stop it so that we don’t get in any trouble. So there are a few ways to go around it.

You can’t really go wrong if you want to pair it up on their screen, if you want to play the game, just go and pair it up for them, because obviously if we start to circumvent them, they’re obviously going to find new ways to do it.

Or you could just avoid those links altogether, you have a few choices. I just want to cover it really quickly, because I get the questions, why is this popping up? It’s because that they want you to go to the website, they may want to get you to purchase a premium package or something for open loads.

When going to a website, you will see an ad, you can click on and read it, it’s all revenue or generates some traffic. But that’s basic, so let’s go over the three options again, first and foremost, the most straightforward option is to go to the video. Emmy slash pair, the browser and then that’s it.

Next one, you could just wait out certain apps like Exodus, it will allow you to do that. The third option is another one, obviously, just use another link. There are so many different links like the one I chose, you can use one of them. Enjoy and take care, check out all my apps in MFT installer. MFT installer com, all the greatest apps, all in one place.