You Don’t Need This On Kodi Anymore (2017)

To play this video, authorization is required to click here to pair, this is annoying, so we will get rid of it. Authorization is required to visit a link below to authorize a device, click here to pair and pop up a lot open loads which are really bad.

We’re going to show you how to get rid of them, so your kodi doesn’t load them anymore or you can just go and pair. That’s the two options, pairing is not an option, I’m not interested in giving them links to me home with them, giving them access to my device, but that’s my opinion.

If you are going to do some of that, make sure you’ve got a VPN from underneath or at the end of the video, but I’m going to show you quickly how to get rid of them. So you don’t have to worry about them, because all you end up doing is canceling, then another one pops up, all these different streams.

So let’s pop over to Cody and we have a look at how we can change it. We’re going to have a quick demo on how we do it. We can do analysis here and things like that. This effects scrapers, so if you send out the pyramid and you won’t get this, issue doesn’t happen, because they just direct links and they’ve uploaded themselves put on the scraper ones.

We need to turn this off, so we will check out movies first, movies will open up. I’ll show you what I mean and then we will get rid of it and show you how it’s gone. We need a little bit longer time to load up the movies, because there are so many providers there.

They’ve all turned on, then I’ll show you how to turn off individual dividers and the ones with captures as well. Let’s see what comes up with things we get, first, one up open load, the annoying thing is that they are good links, but we get this annoying message and we can’t go forward. We have to click that or some device, you can’t get to go into a separate web page without linking it up.

So we’re going to cancel, we have to cancel searching. We’re going to go and turn them off. So in your Covenant or your Exodus or anything like that, on your home screen of it, we go to tools and we want to play back. When you play back, you can just go down to hostess with captures , you can turn it off and then make sure you click.

You can also go into providers and here you can turn off individual ones, which is going to take a long time. You can just disable it, we don’t explain and then you click. So now we’ll go back and we’re going to search the same movie again. It will load a lot quicker and you won’t be asked by these ones to pay.

You can go to Doc’s quickly, just check your ISPs, block in and make sure you subscribe to me as well. And I’ll quickly show you how to do the same thing, and I’ll release it in a second as well.

I said that we would take a quick look at Elysium. So in Elysium, things like the pyramid are all looks like that, they are just direct links, they haven’t got these and they’re not as such scrapers. In Elysium, tools playback and head a hostess with captures to turn it off.

But to turn it off, click OK and that’s it. That’s how you get rid of that annoying message and stay up to date with this maintenance. Make sure you subscribe to me, like share and check out the VP at the end and I’ll catch automotive.

In the end, there are a couple of videos at the bottom for you, the top right is your subscribe section, top left is up to a VPN which has 46 percent off. So if you fancy a VPN, that’s where we get it, it’s a 7-day cancellation, unless it doesn’t work for you. So give it a try and make sure you secure cheers.