How To Remove Pairing For Kodi Sources

We’re going to teach you how to get rid of that pairing option. Some source providers ask you to do so in order to watch a movie or TV show, though it is quite annoying, it can be stored for a while, especially at the top of the list and a few in a row, so it’s easy and straightforward. We use a couple of minutes to show you how to get rid of pesky pop-up.

So let’s open a version currently, I’m going to use an add-on for this. It’ll be very similar to any add-on you choose to use, so we’re going to find a movie. First of all, you will find that not every single movie with a source that requires this.

And by following steps we’ll show you how to remove it altogether. We’re going to pick an old movie, which probably has a few more sources than these brand new ones. So we get our list of sources now, it’s certain that not every single provider who does this is quite common with imbroglio.

Preload is one of them and there are a few more, and I’ll show you what I mean by this pop up, we’ll find the stream that brings up the pop up, it’s quite often that providers use open load.

I’ll show you what I mean now. So I’m ready to do a few simple steps, we come back to the very first menu pop, and we go into tools, after all these settings, we’re going to go to providers.

We think the closest routes is the need to find their provider, so for this instance, it is project free, turn off this, literally select it. So it turns blue, press it and we across to the way in it. And now search the movie again, I’ll skip to the end of this search, see non-severe watching, go search run-up to find.

Now we’ll go through here and project free will not appear anywhere, so every time you see that pop up asking you to pay device and you don’t want to, just pay attention to which provider it is, and you can follow those steps, it’s a pretty similar in every single add-on. There’s always an option to think of the providers and you will get rid of the problem.

So thank you for reading, hopefully, you find it useful and it can help you see more videos. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below.