How To Pair Links in kodi Openload & Other Links

It is going to be about how to get open load streams to work. On Exodus or maybe some similar add-ons when you click, you will see it says open load, so you press on it and then it says you need to pair to see it now while a countdown is going down.

If you miss the countdown, it will probably just open up another stream, the link will be in the description, and you’ll come to this website.

Here press, I’m not a robot. Now you can do this on your mobile phone as well. And you just click pair and that is all you need to do. You’ve now paired your device with your internet basically to see the film. It probably opens up another link, so now let’s click the open load.

It has opened up and it’s working, so it will ask you to pair again. It hasn’t said it at this time because Shorty has said before, it was on lusting for three hours ridden.

Maybe when you come to see it again tomorrow, you may need to pair again. You can do it on any mobile phone, just head to the website, check out my robot and click the pair, and you’re done. That is all you need to do.

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