Fix Open Load links on Kodi and How to pair device

Today we’ll be looking at an issue that most people have, and especially if you’re relatively new to Cody, you will find this issue and you’re not going to be sure about how to fix it or what to do, and that has to do with the links. Whenever you click on a movie link, you basically get a list of streams which are links.

So whenever you click on a link, you get a link, you get a point and whenever you click, you get sources. And when you click on that source, one of them might be open load. If you were familiar with Cody from before you used to, clicked and you could watch whatever was available.

But lately, when you click on open load links, what you find out is that you are getting a message that says Pierre device. For example, we want to watch Bad Mons in 1080p, clicking on bad Mons in our auto is all look. I don’t know if it is protected, this is open load and it is 1080p, so let’s click on it and it is very clear that this video authorization is required, please visit the link below, then click pair, most people just quit and say that link is not just for me.

But what do you do when you realize that all your sources have to do with open load, how do you bypass this authorization? It says you should go to that link, so what happens if you’re using a device that doesn’t have a browser? You just don’t know what to do at this point. That’s why you’re reading it now.

Let’s just show you how to bypass this miserable authorization screen. We’re going right here again and we’re going to click. This is irrespective of which add-on you are using, as long as the link or sources open load you’re going to get this problem.

So first let me show you how to get past this screen, and then we are going to discuss how it will work for the various devices that you’re currently using.

When you are using it, a desktop is going to ask you if you’re a robot, simply saying I am NOT a robot. Then you scroll down and click peer at the bottom of our commercials.

Now, you start to see working, which means your stream has actually been authorized. This is actually authorizing the IP address of whatever you’re using, so that you can actually view. So this is taking a while.

Let’s pick another movie, let’s just try all of them and let me show what you we’re going to look. There’s no load link right here, so we are going to look until we find. Now I’m going to show you that what we just did actually works.

Looking for open load again, open load and we just click on our open load link notice, and it didn’t ask us to peer, because our IP address has already been authorized and we’re already into our movie, that’s how it works.

Your IP has already been authorized, so you don’t have to go through that a second time and it will be authorized for a very long time. Basically, that’s how you get past it. Now, let’s deal with our issues. I’m using a Kodi box and it doesn’t have a browser.

What can you do? Remember that open load is authorizing your IP address, which means your device is using CM Wi-Fi on our internet network. Basically, they are all using similarly, except for the IP address. So what you can do is to use your cell phone and go to open load?

Your device is a little more complicated than a mobile device, but all you need to do is to click on some pictures. And then your period device will authorize your IP, but I don’t have a browser on the current device which the code is working on.

Because not everybody uses code on a computer, some people are using it on all kinds of softwares which don’t have their own browsers, just simply taking your cell phone out or whatever device you have that has a browser and go to it and it will be paired, all it wants you to do is to see their little commercials and to let them get paid.

So open load or that pair and while counting down and that’s how you get past that very difficult authorization link. This is how you authorize it and it’s very simple.

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