Best Kept Secret ADD-ON In Kodi

I’m about to show you the best-kept secret on Cody and why do I call it a secret? Because nobody talks about it, nobody even uses it, and I think it is even better than Exodus and you will see what I mean.

I’m going to show you something, but before I got to open up Exodus. Most people go to Exodus when they want to watch a movie, at least the newest movies.

So let’s go to Exodus for a second, click on movies, then pick something that has just came out recently. For example, let’s do Snowden, let me click on Snowden. When you click on Snowden, you have to wait for the list of sources and websites to pop up which make that movie available.

And then we’re going to choose a link from there, let’s give it a second, and we have the list of websites available to us. But interesting enough, they only give you one 1080p HD link, one full high-definition link and all of the other ones are supposed to be 720p HD. But this one that says 1080p is not even full high-definition, it’s just like all of the other links which are 720.

I’ll show you. Let me click on 1080p HD, let’s give it a second for the movie to open. And as you can see it’s not the actual 1080p, it shows there on the least place is a 720p HD. Let me go back and pick another example, the magnificent 7.

Let’s wait for the list of sources and websites to populate and then we’re going to choose. You don’t have any 1080p full high-definition link, of all the links that you have available are in 720p HD. Now if you want to watch both movies, the Magnificent 7 and Snowden in full 1080p HD and also in surround.

I’m going to show you how to do it simply. Let me just go back and open up a look, and here you have TV shows, you have movies and you can do a quick search. Let’s do Snowden, let me click on done.

It shows you the list of links or websites, just like Exodus does, and then you can pick the one that you want. Let me just take a look at how many 1080p HD you have available as opposed to none in Exodus. Let me pick one, for example, one of the links open load link writes here, we have Snowden in 1080p, full high-definition and also 5.1 surround sound.

Now, let’s do the other one, which is the magnificent seven. Let’s just type magnificent, click on done again, it’s going to show you the list of sources. Here we’re going to pick one. For example, this open load one, everything is an open load. Open load is a website where these developers upload or whoever wants to upload their movies. And it shows which they have to open load depending on how many clicks you get. Then they pay you, that’s why it’s really popular.

All of the movies show are all open load that comes right, so click on the favorite site that you want when you see the list of sources. But we didn’t have open load available on the list of websites in Exodus, but we do here. And again you have 1080p full high-definition and also 5.1 surround with magnificent seven.

As for me, I think it is much better than Exodus in this regard. Now I’m going to show you how to install a look and also how to register the rest totally free. The first thing you do is that you come into system file manager, you’re going to have source and here, where it says nothing, you’re going to type the URL for the fusion repository, as always, I will be leaving it for you below, in the video description, you can type it in or you can copy and paste it.

If you don’t know how to copy and paste, coding ctrl C to copy and ctrl v as in victor to paste it, that’s basically how you do it here in cody. Now you click on done, you name it whatever you want, you can name it fusion, and you click on OK. And then once that repository is installed, you come here back to system, you go to add-ons install from zip file. You’re going to click on fusion or whatever name you give it.

If you name it something else, you’re going to go to cody repos English; you’re going to go to where it says. That repository must be installed, you’re going to click on that and then once that repository is installed. Also the very last step is to install from repository, then you’re going to click on the add-ons.

And here is a look you click it and you hit install. Now I will tell you when you open it for the first time to visit their website and then you’re going to create a free account. Once you create a free account, it’s going to show you the steps. It’s pretty self-explanatory, I don’t show it to you right here, because I have already done it.

You go to the username that you created and the password that you chose, and then you click on next, and it’s going to go through. Now the only drawback that I see from this website is that on some of the websites like open load, you have to pair your device with whatever you’re using.

No matter it’s a file to the stick or an Android box or whatever it is, you have to pair it to the website that you’re using, whether it is open load or any other one. That’s the only thing that I see different from Exodus and you must do. But it’s worth it, because then you will be able to watch all of the movies, anything that you want, all of the shows are in full high-definition and also in surround.

So this is pretty much. If I forget something, I’m really sorry, but you can also comment anytime on the comment section below. I read absolutely all the comments, I try to help as much as possible. Also don’t forget to subscribe, it is very important because that way you keep up to date with everything that goes on in this gray world of Kodi, IPTV, and apks for Android private channels for Roku. Thank you very much for reading.